Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Lost My Virginity... In a Dream Last Night

I can't quite recall the circumstances, but for some reason or other, I was to report to some facility to determine... something. (I'm pretty sure that part stemmed from my needing to go get fingerprinted so my employers knew I wasn't a criminal.) This facility was known for its unfairness in its interrogation techniques. Methods were used to confuse you, with punishments to follow every time you said something incorrectly (which happens to be a RL fantasy of mine by the by*).

So I get to this facility and after filling out paperwork, I'm led to a darkly lit prison area. Think stereotypical bad prison conditions, and you've got it. This place was uncomfortable. It was freezing cold, tiny, and damp... which was bad because somewhere along the way I had lost my shoes. There was one girl in the cell to my right. She stood insecurely with her arms wrapped around her body as she shivered. I suspected part of it was due to the coldness, but that most of her stance was derived by fear.

It wasn't long before someone came for her: a very domineering and strong woman. The interrogation on the girl started immediately as the interrogator's attendants dragged her out of her cell and into a room beyond, which was past my view. Then I was alone.

Alone with my thoughts for a time period that I won't even attempt to measure. It was long enough to let the suspense build, but not too long as to allow the coldness to start to numb my senses. That's when he entered. Tall, strong, and obviously very sadistic. Now he wasn't bulky or anything, but his presence demanded respect. He didn't bring anyone to help him. He unlocked my cell and walked in, staring me down. It was one of those moments when you just know that you're in trouble, and you can't help but shrink back. Without saying a word, he grabbed me and forced me to the room beyond.

That next room was a spectacle. Dozens of prisoners such as myself were all around, being interrogated by anywhere from 2-5 people at a time. But looking around, there was one thing to be sure. None of the other interrogators had the same presence as the one I had been stuck with. This realization just added to the sensational tingling throughout my body caused by both anticipation of what was to come, and fear of the same.

As is often with dreams, details get a little fuzzy around here. I remember having a barrage of nonsensical questions thrown at me, confusing me. I was whipped for every wrong answer (which was practically all of them), I was hung upside down, I was kept from breathing until I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. This torture was designed to be confusing, and it did work. Somewhere in the torture, I began to address my interrogator as sir with true respect. All in all, though a bit shady on the details, I remember the feelings of admiration and respect. The entire experience was truly sensational.

But then suddenly, I had done something very wrong (don't ask me what it was). I was to face a punishment that I remember thinking I could not bear. But it turns out, my interrogator had a way out for me. I could have sex with him. Well in real life, I would have cried in despair, but the electricity between us was strong. My mind told me that it was ok. And we joined together in what I'll cheesily describe as beautiful harmony. It wasn't this scary thing, like my real life mind has brought it out to be. The time was just right, and everything was just right. He wasn't rough or unkind with his movements, but gentle and understanding. And when it was time, I reached down and removed him from within me as he exploded (can't be getting pregnant, now can we?).

At that point things got weird (as if they weren't already). Someone saw him cumming and cried out in complaint. I leaped up and gave some wonderful speech about some sort of sexual revolution. Everyone in the room began to revolt. And then come to find out, my interrogator is the prince of whatever strange land this all occurred in, and we had to run away from his parents, the queen and king... which is all too similar to that Syfy version of Alice, that I'm sure my mind had just begun copying its plot for a while.

So what is the point of all this? Why did I dream this of all things? Well, I think my mind is telling me that I need to get out and play more often (and I'd really like to live out my fantasy*). I think I also learned that I need to stop worrying so much about sex. Not that I'm going to go jump on the next guy I see, but I think I now realize that when the time is right, I'll just know it and go for it. There's kind of a peaceful serenity that comes with that realization.

Well... either that, or someone broke into my apartment last night and raped me, and I just didn't wake up for it, so my mind compensated with a dream... I'm sure it's one or the other. But in any case, the "afterglow" from this dream is very similar to the "afterglow" I get after a real scene. So now I just need to learn how to have a BDSM themed dream every night so I can have tons of scenes without having to even be with someone else. Wouldn't it be grand to have BDSM scenes on demand?

*Ok, so this dream is one of many possible scenes that could come from my fantasy. My true fantasy is to be put into nearly impossible situations, told that I'll be punished every time I mess up... and then after the task is complete, actually being punished for these errors. The intense pressure would be palpable and I love the feelings that come with being faced with a goal that is just out of my reach. It's even more fun when every once in a while, distractions are added in to keep me even further from my goal.

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